Wednesday, March 4, 2009

God is in the rain

It's raining outside. I love the rain. My wife loves the rain. Her whole face lights up whenever it rains. She checks the forecasts every week to find out if its going to rain. I'm originally from Oregon. Oregon has one of the highest suicide rates in the nation. Alot of people think its because of the constant rain. I don't know if that's true, but if it is I can't understand it. Rain makes me think of God. It makes me feel protected. It reminds me of my baptism. It reminds me that we are dependent on God, subject to his will.

My Eastern Orthodox friends tell me that their churches are built with domes instead of spires because a spire connotes reaching to the heavens, reaching for God. Like the tower of Babel. But a dome represents God's coming down to us. God meeting us, bringing Heaven to Earth. As a protestant I never thought about what buildings could represent. A dome means incarnation? 

Well I don't know if a domed building actually represents God's coming down to us, but I do know that the idea is right. The rain comes down to nourish. It flows into everything, becoming dirty and sordid and yet still supplying us all with life. Yet no matter how polluted we make this world the rain still sustains it. I actually grew up in the Philippines. Where rain means death and destruction as well as life. And this too reminds me of our heavenly Father. The flood destroyed sinful man, baptizing and purifying the earth. I'm not saying that hurricanes are God's judgement, but the world is subject to His will. Something as powerful as a hurricane must cease before the word of the Lord. Jesus showed us this, even after the many miracles involving rain in the Old Testament, Jesus stops the storm.

One of my favorite sections of one of my favorite movies involves God's control over the weather. That movie is of course Patton. 

Another one of my favorite movies is V for Vendetta. The main character Evey experiences her "salvation" from a nature of fear to a nature of freedom while being baptized in the rain. She says "God is in the rain." I don't know where God "is" or "isn't". I think He's preeminent over all His creation, while not ever to be confused with that creation. But the phrase still seems true. The incarnation is in the rain. The baptism is in the rain. The purification is in the rain. The life is in the rain. Our God is our spiritual rain. He showers us with sustenance, giving us the very meaning of our lives. 

Next time it rains thank God for sending His Son to live, die, resurrect, and minister directly to you. Just like the rain ministers to the earth. Remember that God came down because man couldn't go up.