Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Greatest Homosexual Movie Ever

To kick off my proposed series on homosexual cinema I have decided to name what I think is the most progressive landmark film ever made about homosexuals, and this was years before two cowboys kissed.

And the winner is: 

TOP GUN (1986)

Long thought to be a movie about fighter pilots Quentin Tarantino has pioneered new research to discover that the true meaning of this film is actually closer to "gender ambiguity conquering dictatorship communism" as one USC film professor has said. The more recent 300 by Zack Snyder has  a similar meaning.

I think the volley ball scene and the numerous shower scenes are probably proof enough. Second place should probably go to either Troy or 300. Is there really any justifiable heterosexual reason to unrobe Brad Pitt and Gerard Butler so much? And you thought these were "traditional" man movies.
Seriously watch these movies again and try not to think about the obvious homosexual subtexts. And while you're at it look at a calender. April what?


  1. Ha ha! I thought of doing an April Fools post but sadly I thought of it at 1pm on April 1...