Saturday, June 26, 2010

A prayer inspired from spiritual discouragement

Father, Son, and Spirit
There are three things I confess to be true
That you are good
That you are faithful
That you are love
Your ways are high above, they belong to another world
I live on the Silent Planet, where all men are lost
We have been cut off from the life of the trinity
Into that life bring us back
Like sheep we have gone astray
Each of us has chosen his own way
We seek for beauty and find ugliness
We seek for truth and find lies
We seek for warmth and find the cold
We seek for love and find hate
In you our heart’s puzzle is found complete
Our truest and deepest desires are found fulfilled
Our thirst is quenched, our hungry is sated
I bring to your gaze myself as well as my brothers and sisters
Heal the broken hearts and mend the twisted souls
We are lost without your love
We are dead without your life
Your grace is the stream that replenishes our forest
Your mercy is the lifeblood of our hearts
Bring to us that eternal life and glory which has nit you three together for all eternity
I long to be your son united to you through the New Adam
Our savior Christ Jesus, the eternal Son of God who became the Son of Man
He has ended my sorrows and in him all my weakness is wiped away
Blessed are the poor in spirit, not because they are poor in spirit
But because God loves them just as much as the wealthy and powerful
And because their poverty of soul has been alleviated
Your promises are new every morning
Your goodness is uncreated and therefore cannot be stilled or stopped
The immortal power you have bestowed upon your people courses through our whole soul
And if we do nothing in this life except learn to truly worship you
We have done all that is necessary for happiness and wholeness
Father grant us new freedom today
Son grant us renewed life today
Spirit grant us refreshing power today
We thank you Holy Trinity for your inestimable gifts
You have baffled the wise and brought low the arrogant
Your grace is beyond comprehension
And all our fears and darkness disappear into the rays of your sun
Grant us the strength to bear the weight of glory which is the praise of you forevermore

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