Friday, July 23, 2010

Canaanite Genocide

Just recently I rediscovered a blog that I used to follow. I found these excellent posts on the Conquest of Canaan as described in the Book of Joshua. This is easily the best view of what has been described as Canaanite Genocide I have ever seen from an Evangelical perspective. I pray Dr. Flannagan (the author) can make it to ETS and present this view to the American Evangelical Elite. Enjoy

The other main evangelical attempts to deal with this troubling issue are well represented in the Counterpoints series Show Them No Mercy dealing with this topic. If you're unfamiliar with the Counterpoints series each volume has several scholars represent different evangelical views on a topic and then critic each other's presentations. An amazon link to that volume can be found at the top right of this post. It would be good to read that volume at some point because the new view that Matt Flannagan has presented on his blog is very distinct from all the attempts represented in the Counterpoints volume.

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