Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grad school and my dirty little secret

Alright so I'll be officially starting Grad School in about a month. This realization which has been so exciting suddenly became very panicky. I haven't had to do any kind of real school work for a long time. So in order to start getting back into the swing of things I'm going to exegete some simple philosophical and theological texts. Basically the plan is to come up with an assignment and a text to go with that assignment and then do it. I know real complicated. But I think it will help my mind and body start to go back to those old college days. So for the first one I will do Euthyphro. The assignment: Read the Euthyphro give a brief exegesis of the main themes pick 1 to 2 arguments from the Euthyprho and analyze them, 1,000 word minimum and 1,500 word maximum limit.

And my dirty little secret is that I don't really like Plato all that much. I have a terrible time understanding his dialogues without a much wiser Professor to help me sort it all out. Its like Citizen Kane. You don't realize why its such a big deal till somebody shows you, but it'll probably never be one of your favorites.

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