Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Philosopher's Prayer

Heavenly Father
My mind is not blank
I wish it were for then you could simply fill it with truth
But my mind is already full
Full of doubts and ideas and problems
Please Lord seal my heart against falsehood
Like Solomon I beg for your wisdom above all other gifts
I need your guidance to help me comprehend the deep thoughts
And your creativity to formulate my own
In all endeavors we need you Lord
But in this endeavor most of all
For we desire to understand the past
And yet boldly march into the future
Son of God give us your humility
For wisdom is not given to the arrogant
Spirit of God give us your peace
Nothing is worse for intellectual pursuit than the doubting heart
In you Oh Lord is all truth to be found and all Wisdom finds its fount
May our pursuit of Philosophy be only for your glory and not our own
And that we would grow in our friendship with Wisdom
Only after we grow in our friendship with you
Help me submit to you my mind today and always

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