Saturday, December 4, 2010

Scholar's Prayers

Dr. Horner gave us two prayers for scholars in class this semester.

Scholar's Prayer

A university faculty prayer inspired by the Chorister's Prayer of the Roayl College of Church Music. Adapted by the C.S. Lewis Foundation

Bless, O Lord, us your servants,
Who are called to scholarly vocations.
Grant that what we apprehend with our minds
And profess through our words
May be grounded in truth
And offered confidently
With humility
To the greater good and well being
Of our students, our colleagues,
Our academic communities
And the world at large,
Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Scholar's Prayer

C.G. Moule
Anglican Bishop of Durham, 1901

Lord and Saviour, true and kind,
be the master of my mind;
Bless and guide and strengthen still
all my powers of thought and will.

While I ply the scholar's task,
Jesus Christ be near, I ask;
Help the memory, clear the brain,
Knowledge still to seek and gain.

Here I train for life's swift race;
let me do it in Thy grace;
Here I arm me for life's fight;
let me do it in Thy might.

Thou hast made me mind and soul;
I for Thee would use the whole:
Thou hast died that I might live;
all my powers to Thee I give.

Striving, thinking, learning still,
let me follow thus Thy will,
Till my whole glad nature be,
trained for duty and for Thee