Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Cynical Manifesto: The Nominees of 2011 and why I couldn't care less.

Greetings, fellow bloggers. Posted below are my thoughts on the nominees and why I think the Academy may have swallowed one too many poison pills involving the Coens.


Who I want to win: The Social Network.
Why: Because Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher have created a contemporary snapshot of my generations fascinations and foibles, and they did so with class and dexterity. Also, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross gave me a happy.

Who will win: The King's Speech
Why: well-acted, seasonal characters, historical and contemporary significance, Colin Firth. It is really up between The King's Speech and Social Network.

Who shouldn't win: True Grit
Why: because it sucked. Specifically, it is a timid genre piece that does nothing new with an already exhausted genre. I don't dislike The Coens but they really don't need a follow up award for such a generic picture when No Country for Old Men was a masterpiece.


Who I want to win: Jesse Eisenberg
Why: He makes a convincing but complex jerk/genius. He has also been consistently choosing decent scripts and improving. His performance in The Squid and the Whale was fantastic.

Who will win: Colin Firth
Why: without him, The King's Speech would not have worked in my humble opinion. The great Geoffrey Rush not included.

Who shouldn't win: Jeff Bridges
Why: just because the Dude puts on an eye patch doesn't mean we can't see him channeling that slacker the entire film. I love Bridges, but it was not near the performance of Crazy Heart. Or The Big Lebowski.


Who will win: Natalie Portman
Why: because she has come a long way from Episode I. And, frankly, she deserves it.

Who should win: Natalie Portman
Why: see above.

Who shouldn't win: Annette Benning
Why: Out of the nominees, her performance felt significantly hollow in spite of her being a seasoned actress (loved her in American Beauty).


Who I want to win: Christian Bale
Why: because very few actors can shift from one devastating performance to the next with such grace. The Machinist and American Psycho and now The Fighter. He is a transformational actor, and it is time he got his recognition.

Who will win: Christian Bale
Why: see above

Who shouldn't win: Jeremy Renner
Why: I'm a huge fan ever since I saw him in SWAT and The Hurt Locker, and his performance in The Town was smoldering. However, in light of the other nominees, I think he is the least likely.


Who I want to win: Amy Adams
Why: a consistent actress who continually surprises me. In every film I see her in, she continues to grow in her craft.

Who will win: Hailee Steinfeld
Why: because she was the best part of True Grit, and it wouldn't surprise me to see the Academy buckle on this one.

Who shouldn't win: Helena Bonham Carter/ Hailee Steinfeld
Why: I'm biased against both of them. Helena because she is the reason Tim Burton hasn't made a good movie since...Sweeney Todd. Crap. That was recent wasn't it? I guess I can't choose one. I choose neither.


Who I want to win: Christopher Nolan
Why: Oh, wait...

Who will win: David Fincher
Why: because--as I've mentioned before--the people who continually hone their craft and rise to near cinematic perfection deserve to be rewarded.

Who shouldn't win: The Coens
Why: Love them. Hate True Grit.


Who I want to win: Inception
Why: Though not without it's emotional flaws, Inception was a bold and ultimately fascinating technical journey. Well-told and thematically fascinating.

Who will win: The King's Speech
Why: the journey through history to the bumpy narrative process, The King's Speech was exceptionally well-written and historical. Did I mention Colin Firth spoke many of the lines?

Who shouldn't win: The Kid's Are All Right
Why: Regardless of one's thoughts on gay marriage/civil unions (and I'm more liberal on that issue), the script never rang emotionally true and often resorted to unconvincing emotional twists that never really settled into a concrete character setting.


Who I want to win: The Social Network
Why: I think Aaron Sorkin is a pretentious fool when it comes to politics, but he is also my favorite writer. Our relationship is based on how he can make me feel in the dark theater and, golly darn it, he makes me feel swell. A sweltering, dizzying screenplay that had me rereading it four different times. In the dark.

Who will win: The Social Network
Why: this is easy. Just read above.

Who shouldn't win: The Coens
Why: this is also easy. Just read above as well.

I have to run and do homework, but I will finish this list up in section.

Thank you for reading.


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